high-slack-low-slack-high: just as the tide was flowing

(2012) composition, performance, visual score

Just as the Tide was Flowing is a place-specific non-lexical composition for four voices and megaphones, for Bell’s Bridge, The River Clyde, Glasgow.

Tidal data for the River Clyde, Glasgow, was mapped out as a graph, relating time (28 days in April) to height (5 metre tide). The graph was placed onto a musical stave and the height of the river translated into pitch; the turning of the tides marked the musical intervals. The score was performed by four vocalists, two on either side of the river. The title is taken from a traditional song “The tide flows in, the tide flows out, Twice everyday returning”

The piece was performed by Hanna Tuulikki, Nichola Scrutton, Peter Nicholson and Drew Wright, as part of Minty Donald’s High-Slack-Low-Slack-High, a suite of site-specific sound works presented at Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, 23 April 2013.