airs of the sea: 100 breaths, 100 waves

(2006) drawing, sound installation

100 breaths: 100 waves

Airs of the Sea is a sound work exploring the shared sonic qualities of sea and breath.

During an artist’s residency in Cromarty, the Black Isle, people were invited to record the sound of their breathing. A sound piece was composed from the inhalations and exhalations of a hundred breaths, emulating the sounds of the sea and the rhythm of the waves.

The piece became part of an installation at The Stables Gallery, Cromarty, together with a light cotton banner with silk-screened portraits of the 100 participants, and a hammock suspended from roof beams offering a listening point.

+ Listen to an extract

+Read more about the residency

The piece was also incorporated within ‘Voi Ruusuni’ a song recorded by Nalle on the 2008 album ‘The Sirens Wave‘.