OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA RoseA Wakea rose 1a rose 2

a rose in the dawn – a wake to the dream

A series of lithographs based on two pictorial alphabets originally made for the artwork of albums ‘Love’s Spring’ (Tin Angel Records, 2012) and ‘A Wake’ (Tin Angel Records, 2014) by Hanna’s band Two Wings.

For each alphabet, a possible ‘meaning’ is expressed in a phrase realised from the letterforms

A Rose in the Dawn / A Wake to the Dream

More information on the creation of the alphabets and the phrases behind them is available here.

The prints were commissioned by GSA Exhibitions, on the occasion of ‘Spheres of Influence ll’ at Reid Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art. The exhibition provided an alternative reading of Alasdair Gray’s visual work, through the prism of others’ works, both historical and contemporary.

(A limited edition of signed Alphabet 2 prints is available to purchase from Hanna. Please contact hannatuulikki4@hotmail.com for more details.)

Image credit: (1) Stuart Robertson