“It’s a breathtaking burst of magical energy, and easily some of the most convincing free-folk the UK has ever produced.”
The Wire, July 2010

Nalle is the trio of Hanna Tuulikki, Aby Vulliamy and Chris Hladowski. Performing since 2004, the group have toured extensively in Europe and the United States, drawing audiences into their intimate sound world. Spearheaded by Tuulikki’s expressive vocals and straight-from-the-heart song craft, the music is underpinned by intuitive group interplay on an array of instruments from the four corners of the globe, from bouzouki and viola to Finnish kantele and mouth harps.

In 2006 Nalle released their debut album By Chance Upon Waking (Pickled Egg records). In a Foxy Digitalis review it states “…the chemistry between the three is instantly obvious. Acoustic arrangements that stir like lost children late at night provide the perfect palette for Tuulikki to weave pure magic…. As a listener, you feel as overwhelmed as Nalle sounds. It’s beautiful.” Hanna’s enthralling multi-octave vocal range and singular delivery brought comparisons to other women vocalists who have explored the limits of the voice within traditional musical conventions, but as the Wire noted, Nalle’s “clear individuality banishes lazy comparisons to others operative in this area of folk-inflected new music.”

Their second album The Sirens Wave (Locust Music) from 2008 “is a considerably more meditative and meticulous recording” as the wire notes “a stunning conglomeration of East European and traditional Scottish nuances which fold into each other, alternately pushing then subsiding, flowing like rolling waves”.In spring 2010, they released their third studio album entitled “Wilder Shores Of Love” with Alt.Vinyl, produced with regular collaborator John Cavanagh. It is perhaps the most directly personal statement the band have committed to tape – an attempt at laying down bare bones of experience, endeavouring to transform the heavy lead of human emotions into moments of golden insight. Using symbolic language, recurring motifs, and the odd sprinkling of good old rock and roll, the songs weave strong narrative tapestries about love lost and found, inner mindscapes and outer landscapes, getting lost on the journey, and finding understanding.

Members of the group also play with Two Wings, The One Ensemble, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, The Family Elan, and The National Jazz Trio of Scotland.


Wilder Shores of Love (Alt. Vinyl) 2010
The Sirens Wave (Locust) 2008
Live cdr (Secret Eye) 2008
By Chance Upon Waking (Pickled Egg) 2006

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